STANLEY® FATMAX® TR75 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Plastic Staple and Brad Nail Gun

Product Overview

TR75 6-in-1 heavy-duty stapler

Additional Features

  • Anti-jam mechanism for continuous use and reliable operation
  • Lock down handle for safe storage and transportation
  • Fires STANLEY® Type-A staples in 6mm (1-TRA204T), 8mm (1-TRA205T), 10mm (1-TRA206T), 12mm (1-TRA208T) and 14mm, STANLEY® Type-H staples in 6mm (1-TRR134T), 8mm (1-TRR135T), 10mm (1-TRR136T), 12mm (1-TRR138T) and 14mm (1-TRR139T), STANLEY® Type-G staples in 6mm (1-TRA704T), 8mm (1-TRA705T), 10mm (1-TRA706T), 12mm (1-TRA708T) and 14mm (1-TRA709T), STANLEY® Crown CT100 in 12mm (1-CT108T) and 14mm (1-CT109T), STANLEY® Type-J Headed Brad Pins in 15mm (1-SWK-BN625T) and Type-9 Headless Brad Pins in 15mm
  • Staples and nails included


Product Length
26 in
Product Height
5 in
Product Width
19 in
Number of Pieces
Product Weight
0.57 lbs



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