Tools to Turn Every Job Around

STANLEY® and STANLEY® FATMAX® screwdriver line-up offers the right tool to complete every task.

  • Comprehensive STANLEY® and STANLEY FATMAX® screwdriver range delivers the safest, most efficient tool for every application – whatever the job
  • Extensive line-up includes fixed blade, multibit, and ratcheting screwdrivers suitable for a multitude of different professional trades
  • Built for accuracy, comfort, and control: ergonomically designed by experts
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials to stringent standards
  • STANLEY FATMAX VDE/Standard screwdrivers and STANLEY Cushion Grip models are precision-engineered at the STANLEY production facility in Arbois, France
  • Available in a variety of lengths, sizes, and screw drive types
STANLEY® FATMAX® Phillips PH2 x 125mm Screwdriver Application Action Shot Hand/Person

Designed to complete an extensive variety of applications in a host of different professional trades, the STANLEY® and STANLEY FATMAX® screwdriver range offers the perfect tool for every job. Precisely constructed from premium materials, the entire line-up has been engineered for efficiency, safety, comfort, and control. Whether tackling high or low torque fastening applications, each individual tool delivers optimum performance, durability, and resilience. Available in numerous lengths and specifications, the range features all commonly-used screw drive types: Slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, Tamper (Security) Torx, and Hexagon.

STANLEY FATMAX Next Generation Standard Range

Upgraded for 2021, the STANLEY FATMAX® standard screwdriver line-up now delivers +100% longer tip life* and a range of enhanced features. Constructed from heavy-duty carbon silicon steel, this next generation series offers extensive product life, and features new induction-hardened** and CNC precision-machined*** tips for added strength, performance, and durability. Engineered at the STANLEY Arbois production facility in France, these tools are built to the most rigorous standards. Each tip is sand-blasted during the production process to boost protection against corrosion and wear. The Phillips and Pozidriv models are heat-treated and induction-hardened for extra strength and to minimise rounding, while the Slotted drivers are individually CNC precision-machined to deliver optimum dimensional fit, accuracy, and control, and decreased risk of cam out. Their large, ergon
omic soft-grip, tri-material handles reduce fatigue and deliver excellent comfort and control, while the smooth domed end ensures exceptional torque, speed, and ease-of-use in challenging applications. For extra convenience and efficiency, each model is colour-coded and the specifications and drive type clearly marked on the surface.


Also developed and manufactured to exact specifications at the STANLEY Arbois factory, the STANLEY FATMAX line-up of VDE-certified screwdrivers features a heavily insulated construction intended explicitly for service work around high voltage applications. Each model incorporates a heavy-duty plastic sheath running the full length of the shaft to protect electricians from the dangers of live current. The tri-material, soft-grip handle affords exceptional comfort and grip and is moulded directly to the bar for a practically unbreakable bond. Created for rigorous daily use, the large-diameter handle delivers exceptional torque for driving wood screws and incorporates a tapered waist for fast spinning action and better control in low torque tightening applications.

The tip of these robust and reliable tools has been hardened, sand-blasted, and treated with a black phosphate coating, ensuring an extensive working life. They have also been precision-machined for a highly accurate head-to-fastener fit. Equipped with industry-recognised red colour coding, these premium screwdrivers can be easily identified at a glance for full compliance with VDE standards. Each model also features clear labelling, allowing users to pinpoint the correct driver for each screw type. 

The slim version within this series features a 35mm profile due to its thinner bar that has been precisely machined to a slimmer specification. This makes it perfectly designed for access within tight spaces, while offering a safe official operational rating of 1,000V. Also available is a VDE Borneo/Terminal Block range with plus/minus combi pattern, ideal for working safely on modern consumer units, circuit boards, fuse panels, and connection blocks.

STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Screwdriver

Delivering twice the tightening or unfastening speed of standard models, the STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Screwdriver with speed drive technology incorporates an innovative ‘360°-effect’ left-right ratcheting mechanism. To fasten or remove screws, the user simply twists the handle left and right, and the fluid ratcheting action continues seamlessly, enabling the user to complete the job in half the time. Thanks to its ‘speed zone’, this premium screwdriver ensures quick rotation control for more efficient run down, while the ‘precision tactile zone’ affords added control for precision tasks. The direction of the screwdriver can be easily reversed by pulling the ratchet forward and clicking into place. Engineered from chrome vanadium, the STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Screwdriver is robust and reliable, and its ergonomic, textured, bi-material handle ensures outstanding comfort and grip, particularly in higher torque applications. This superior tool comes complete with a locking bit holder, integrated storage, and a magnetic tip for safe bit retention.

STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Multibit Sets

Offering exceptionally high torque at up to three times human strength in tightening applications, the STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Screwdriver Multibit range incorporates a fine 45-tooth ratchet with clockwise, anti-clockwise, and locked ratcheting positions for outstanding versatility. Equipped with a magnetic head and a large, soft-grip handle with built-in bit storage, these high quality tools were created for optimum user comfort and convenience.

STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Multibit Set – 10 Bits

With a knurled surface for fast spinning action and excellent control, this ratcheting tool features a frosted bar for outstanding longevity.

STANLEY FATMAX Stubby Ratcheting Multibit Set – 6 Bits

This Stubby model is extremely useful for accessing confined spaces and comes with 6 bit inserts.

STANLEY FATMAX Regular Ratcheting Multibit Set – 12 Bits

Designed for daily use, this ratcheting screwdriver incorporates a frosted shaft finish for long product life.

STANLEY FATMAX LED Ratcheting Multibit Set – 12 Bits

This premium tool provides all the benefits of the regular ratcheting model, with the addition of a 3.5 Lumens LED light that provides excellent visibility when working in dark areas or poor lighting conditions.

STANLEY FATMAX Pistol Grip Ratcheting Multibit Set – 12 Bits

When greater torque is required, the STANLEY FATMAX Pistol Grip Ratcheting screwdriver is the perfect option. Key features include a magnetic head for added efficiency and a robust frosted shaft for outstanding durability.

STANLEY Cushion Grip Range

STANLEY Cushion Grip screwdrivers are engineered from high-strength, chrome vanadium steel and fitted with an ergonomic, bi-material, tri-lobular handle for exceptional comfort, especially when carrying out repetitive applications. These high quality tools feature a magnetic black oxide tip designed to improve screw retention, and at the same time, enhance durability and product life. Available in a variety of sizes and screw drive types, users can easily identify the correct screwdriver for the job thanks to the clearly-marked tip ID on the handle. Cushion Grip screwdrivers are manufactured or finished at STANLEY’s Arbois factory in France, always to the highest standards.

STANLEY Multibit Sets

STANLEY 10-Way Flexi Screwdriver Set - 12 Bits
This versatile screwdriver features a flexible shaft to enable easy access within difficult to reach spaces. With a comfortable bi-material handle and practical bit magazine with belt clip, the 10-Way Flexi includes a set of high quality ¼” bits and an adapter.

STANLEY 6-Way Screwdriver Set

With a robust chrome-plated bar for protection against rust, the STANLEY 6-Way Screwdriver is an all-in-one solution and comes with three double-head bits. Its integrated bolster nut delivers extra leverage, while the tri-lobular, bi-material handle affords added torque, comfort, and grip.

STANLEY Stubby Multibit – 6 Bits

Created for speed and access in tight or narrow spaces, the STANLEY Stubby Screwdriver includes a magnetic bit holder for accessory retention and efficient changing of bits. Supplied with 6 screwdriver bits stored in an easy-access cartridge, the Stubby also offers a bi-material handle for maximum comfort and grip.

STANLEY Multibit Screwdriver Set – 34 Piece Set

With an extensive range of accessories, the Multibit Screwdriver is an ideal all-rounder for multiple applications. Its magnetic head holds bits safely in place and ensures a rapid bit-changing process. The tri-lobular, comfortable coated handle enables maximum torque, while a bit storage cartridge ensures effortless selection of the required accessory for each task.

STANLEY 4-in-1 Pocket Driver

Built from S2 hardened steel for maximum durability, the versatile 4-in-1 Pocket Driver features a textured surface that won’t slip, crack or peel, and a soft and comfortable bi-material grip. Supplied with two double-ended magnetic bits to attract and hold small screws in place.

STANLEY Stubby Ratcheting Multibit – 6 Bits

Providing all the advantages of the Stubby Multibit model, the Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver delivers fast and efficient performance thanks to its high quality mechanism and 3-position operation, allowing clockwise, counter-clockwise, and locked ratcheting positions. Accepts standard ¼” hex screwdriver bits.

STANLEY Ratcheting Multibit – 10/20 Piece Set

Furnished with 10 or 20 insert bits, the STANLEY Ratcheting Screwdriver enables speedy ratcheting in three different positions and features a magnetic head for added practicality. With a tri-lobular, bi-material handle, this high-spec tools delivers maximum torque and comfort.

STANLEY Pistol Grip Ratcheting Multibit Sets

Designed for superior torque, speed, and control, the STANLEY Pistol Grip Ratcheting Screwdriver features a 3-position (45°, 90°, and 180°) ratchet that permits access in awkward spaces, and enables clockwise, counter-clockwise, and locked ratcheting positions. A magnetic head has been built in for efficient holding and rapid changing of bits, while a bit storage cartridge allows easy selection of accessories. Supplied with 24 or 40 inserts (bits, sockets, and accessories).

STANLEY Essential Range

Constructed from chrome vanadium steel, the STANLEY Essential series is built for outstanding reliability in high torque applications and is specially designed to reduce the risk of tip breakage during use. Featuring a nickel chrome-plated tip and a handle moulded directly to the bar, these hard-wearing screwdrivers are virtually unbreakable and offer excellent product longevity. Equipped with a bi-material handle, they sit comfortably in the hand and deliver superior control.

Further information about the STANLEY and STANLEY FATMAX screwdriver range can be found here.

Notes to editors

*Versus equivalent Stanley Cushion Grip Screwdriver
**NEW Induction hardening for Phillips / Pozi tips
***NEW CNC machined tips for slotted tips.
Models finished at the Arbois factory: 0-64-930, 0-64-934, 0-64-952, 0-64-923, 0-64-916, 0-64-924.


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