Introducing Our Fastest Cut Ever.

September 1, 2021

STANLEY® Announces Next Generation JETCUT™ Panel Saws: The Perfect Blend Of Speed, Durability, Precision, Comfort And Control.

  • New, improved range of STANLEY® JETCUT™ panel saws feature a deep, 3PT triple ground tooth geometry to deliver a faster, more efficient cut
  • Best-in-class durability: constructed with induction-hardened teeth for outstanding product life
  • Blade secured to the handle with screws, ensuring ultimate blade-handle join strength
  • Engineered from high quality C75S steel with 0.85mm thickness to reduce blade flex
  • Ergonomically designed with extensive rubber over-mould that covers the entire handle, for maximum comfort, grip and control
  • Large finger rest surface area accommodates all hand sizes and sawing styles
  • Increased handle circumference and smooth palm area for added comfort in prolonged use
  • Saw blade protection: re-usable, clip-on blade guard safeguards the blade in storage or transit
  • Clear colour-coding enables trade pros to pinpoint the correct tool and tooth type for each job

With its ongoing commitment to hand tools excellence, STANLEY® has announced a significant update to its JETCUT™ panel saw series. This next generation line-up includes numerous innovations and enhancements, making it STANLEY’s fastest, most efficient handsaw range yet.

Offering the perfect combination of speed, durability, comfort, precision, and control, the JETCUT saws provide exceptional cutting performance in a wide variety of professional applications. Each model features deep, 3PT triple ground, ultra-sharp teeth, for a faster, more efficient cut and outstanding productivity. The teeth have also been induction-hardened to deliver optimum strength and product life.

Robust and resilient, each JETCUT saw range is constructed in STANLEY’s factory in France. Engineered from 0.85mm C75S steel, these premium saws power through an array of materials, with minimum flex or wobble, and provide unrivalled control in the most demanding applications. In addition, these high-precision tools include a 45° and 90° angle guide for outstanding accuracy.

Following extensive research, STANLEY has redesigned the JETCUT handle, increasing the circumference, and creating a smoother palm area for even better comfort in prolonged or repetitive applications. The handle also features a full rubber over-mould, affording ultimate grip, added comfort and control, while the finger rest has been enlarged to accommodate all hand sizes and sawing styles. For extra durability, the blade is secured to the handle with screws, ensuring ultimate blade-handle join strength.

A robust, reusable clip-on blade guard protects the saw blade during transportation or when not in use, and a useful hang hole facilitates easy storage. Ensuring quick and efficient identification of the right saw for every task or application, STANLEY has colour-coded the sleeves of each model.

The JETCUT saw comes in four different lengths: 380, 450, 500 and 550mm and with a choice of Universal Cut with 7TPI (for first fix applications) or Fine Cut with 11TPI (for second fix tasks).

Four specialist models are also available:

  • BLADE ARMOR™ Saw featuring a PTFE coating to reduce friction and drag for a smoother, more controlled performance in heavy-duty applications (500mm, 7 TPI)
  • BLADE ARMOR Plasterboard Saw includes a PTFE blade coating and deep gullets for the fast and effective removal of dust and debris when cutting plasterboard and other fibrous materials (550mm, 7 TPI)
  • Plasterboard Saw with deep gullets for the efficient removal of debris (550mm, 7TPI)
  • Laminator Saw featuring a PTFE coating for smooth, controlled operation and 11 teeth per inch for a fine finish when cutting laminate (450mm, 11 TPI)

Further information about the next generation STANLEY JETCUT Panel Saw range can be found here.


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