Hand Tools

STANLEY® manufactures hand tools for professionals and for those who demand professional equipment to build, make, repair, and sometimes demolish. Trusted tools used day in and day out.

Hand Tools

Automotive Tools

STANLEY® Automotive Tools are made to the same professional standards as the tools you use on the job every day.

STANLEY® 6 piece Chisel Set  5002 series Front
Hand Tools

Chisels, Punches, & Files

Dress, shape, drive and refine hard materials from masonry to metal with professional-grade STANLEY® cold chisels, punches, and files.

Stanley 100Mm/4" Light Duty Vice Side View"
Hand Tools

Clamps & Vises

Trust STANLEY® clamps and vises as your extra set of hands on the jobsite so you can securely glue, cut, solder, sand, and more.

Hand Tools

Drywall Tools

Install, repair, and secure walls and ceilings in any building with STANLEY® drywall tools. Trust your tools to get the job done.

Hand Tools


Designed for the professional, STANLEY® hammers feature specific heads and weights for building and demo along with secure grips, and fatigue-reducing handles.

Hand Tools

Hand Drills

Unlock your potential to build with STANLEY® hand drills. Choose from a variety of features to meet the needs of the job time and time again.

STANLEY® Jetcut Saw
Hand Tools

Hand Saw

Designed for manual precision, accuracy, and sharpness, our handsaws can cut through endless tasks. Whether you’re working with molding, trim, or cutting with or across the woodgrain, we have the tool for you.

Instant blade release feature of 18 Millimeter Fatmax snap off knife.
Hand Tools

Knives & Blades

Rely on STANLEY® for utility knives, pocket knives, replacement blades, snap-off knives, safety knives, and specialty knives for a variety of cutting jobs from floor to roof and wherever razor-sharp performance is required.

Hand Tools

Layout Tools

Shop our long-lasting and durable layout tools for your job.

Hand Tools

Lasers & Instruments

STANLEY® Laser Levels are ideal residential construction and DIY jobs. These tools project highly visible vertical or horizontal laser beams onto flat surfaces so users can easily level any installation.

Hand Tools

Manual Fastening Tools

STANLEY® manual fastening tools deliver no-nonsense reliability when applying fasteners to a range of materials.

STANLEY® 3 in 1 Tool Organiser Application Shot
Hand Tools

Mixed Tool Sets

A range of tools and parts are at your fingertips with STANLEY® mixed toolsets. Finish your large and small projects today.

Hand Tools


Our large lineup of specialized planes includes block planes, bench planes, bullnose rebate planes, and more. From jointing and truing to smoothing and leveling, we have the hand plane you need for the job. Or, stock up on plane accessories to make sure you’re ready to go when the work is in front of you.

Hand Tools

Pliers & Snips

STANLEY® pliers and snips are available in a range of sizes, handles, and types for multiple applications in sets or single units.

Hand Tools

Plumbing Tools

STANLEY® plumbing tools feature the torque, grip, and range of motion to get you through installations and repairs from large to small and simple to complex.

STANLEY® 1/4" and 1/2"" 72 Tooth Ratchets and Socket Set with accessories (96 pieces)
Hand Tools

Ratchets & Sockets

Grab the ratchet, socket, or combo kit that meets your needs. STANLEY® offers a variety of SAE (imperial) and metric sizes to choose from and delivers the dependability you've come to expect.

STANLEY® Parallel 3mm x 75mm Essential Screwdriver
Hand Tools

Screwdrivers & Hex Keys

Drive bolts and screws with reliable precision. STANLEY® screwdrivers and hex keys deliver dependable, no-nonsense performance every time.

Close up of mechanic using a STANLEY Antislip Wrench on a car's engine
Hand Tools


Turn to STANLEY® for ratcheting, flare nut, and combination open/box-end wrench sets in standard SAE and metric sizes in either polish or black chrome finish. Or take a STANLEY single adjustable, ratcheting, pipe wrench for a spin.